A Housewife’s Guide To Effective Finance

“Discover What Housewives Don’t Know About Effective Ways to Increase Family Savings While At Home That Could Drive Your OFW Husband Back Home For Good!”


Dear Kababayan,

Just like most Pinoys, I dreamed of becoming an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW).

Thinking that working outside the Philippines was the only way to achieve my financial goals, I thought I could have that privilege after graduating as a physical therapist which is a very in demand profession abroad.

For some reasons, it did not happen.

I trusted that God had another plan for me.

My desire of working abroad stopped when I decided to get married and became committed in building my own family.

I thought being married to an OFW would bring many advantages for the family.

I was wrong.

The physical distance brought more negative effects to my family which affected us emotionally and financially.

There were lots of attempts for us to be together but since we had no enough savings, we did not succeed.

My husband was forced to stay abroad.


I tried to find a work to increase our savings.

But because our only child was sickly, I chose to be a full time mother until he was 3 years old.

Having my own career was forgotten as well.

Despite the regular remittance coming from my husband, living on one-income was very hard considering the other financial obligations our family needed to comply like house monthly amortization.

After a few years, I took a part time job as an instructor in a nursing school to make additional income for the family.

I said to myself, “This is it!” – thinking there would be extra money for us to save and finish the remaining financial obligations.

But when my husband and I decided to homeschool our son who was experiencing bullying at his regular school, I decided to spend less number of teaching hours.

My son needed my full attention and support.

Again, I let myself be confined in our house.


But the desire to bring our family to be physically together drove me to try other means of earning money.

I tried to engage in various businesses like selling MLM products while at home.

Only to realize that it would require more time from me and money to spend.

I was discouraged.

I concluded selling was not for me.

I knew I had no confidence to get involved in that kind of money making.


Then I resorted to using the advancement of computer technology.

Thinking it was easier for housewives to engage in internet business, I tried even with a little knowledge about how it works.

I got sponsors and considered them as my mentors.

But some took advantage of my ignorance.

I was scammed.

I did not earn a single peso.

Again, both money and time were wasted.

I decided to focus on my part time work instead and conditioned myself that I was not destined to do business.

I felt I got no other talents to use…

No other skill to enhance…

No extra money to learn.


I lost my self-esteem.

I was born to be a housewife and be a part-time employee only.

This kind of mentality lasted for many years.

Our life became dependent only on the monthly remittance my husband sends.

The desire to increase the family’s savings became more and more difficult whenever unexpected and unwanted things happened like when our child had 2 surgical operations due to hydrocoele and penile cyst.

When my father was diagnosed of liver cirrhosis, I had to almost stop working. There were months I couldn’t accept any work load because of his on and off confinement in the hospital.

And since I was doing a part time job, the No work, No pay policy applies.


My husband and I were driven to use our credit cards to fill the shortage of money.

We thought it was OK since we had been using them for the necessities of the family and not for leisure.

But time came that even some of the activities we did whenever my husband was on vacation had to be debited from our credit cards.

We ignored the bad consequence of being buried with debt brought by compounding interest.

We felt we should use them to create beautiful moments together even if just for a short time.

As much as we wanted to bring with us our parents and siblings in every vacation, we couldn’t afford it.


Every vacation trip became exclusively for the three of us.

My husband and I were not happy with this situation.

The downside of long distance relationship became stronger and more evident.

The lack of savings was the single reason why we couldn’t be together for good.


We couldn’t understand why this happened.

We were not extravagant.

We lived a simple lifestyle.

But my husband’s salary seemed not enough.

I knew there was something wrong.

There was something lacking.

I had to find the answers to my questions otherwise the financial difficulty would continue affecting the family negatively.

The long distance relationship would not stop thus prolonging the stay of my husband abroad.

I did not let my failures in the past define my future.


Our financial struggles led me find ways to be more curious and productive.

I read books.

I researched related articles.

I got financial mentors, both free and paid.

I set my financial goals for my family.

I studied new information at home.

I tried things beyond my comfort zone.

I took some calculated risks.

Most of all, I executed everything I learned with confidence and proper guidance.

I never thought I could do many productive things considering my age of 42.

I have developed my other potentials that were hidden for many years.

I learned to build my self-worth once again.


I have proven I was in the right direction when finally my family became officially debt-free last 2013.

We’re able to secure the real necessities to make our family protected.

We can now afford to take out of town vacation with our parents, siblings and their children without using credit cards and without a negative account.

We monitor our savings multiplying passively while at home.


So if you are…

  • Experiencing money shortage despite the monthly remittance your husband sends.
  • Loaded with bad debts.
  • Having difficulty managing your husband’s remittance.
  • Having the desire to work but cannot make it because of familial responsibilities.
  • Losing your self-confidence due to your house confinement.
  • Having doubts about your spouse’ continuity to work abroad brought by changing employment policy.
  • Wanting to break the physical distance between you and your OFW spouse.

Let me help you.


After the long journey I made in seeking for effective ways to help my OFW husband increase the family’s savings, I decided to become an advocate for financial literacy among OFWs families.

I want to serve Filipino families specifically OFW housewives who are experiencing the same financial struggles I had.

It is the common desire of every OFW family to be financially secured that’s why even facing a great challenge of being apart from each other has become acceptable.

However, you can only appreciate the utmost benefits of your spouse being an OFW:

  • If your family lives a debt-free life.
  • If after deducting your monthly expenses, you still have something to put as “extra
  • If your family is secured for any possible emergencies.
  • If you have more choices in life to use which product you want.
  • If you have a choice whether to work or not, and still maintain your finances secured.
  • If spending quality time with your loved ones can be done anytime.
  • And most of all, if letting your husband to work abroad is no longer a necessity but RATHER A CHOICE.

So, I made this book to inspire housewives on how to manage and effectively save money.

This will result to influencing eventually every family member to have the common mindset and discipline which are very important in achieving the financial goals for the family.

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In this book you’ll discover:

  • Obstacles that affect OFW couples from saving money effectively.
  • Truths why OFWs choose to prolong their stay abroad more than necessary.
  • Ways to create positive mindset to be a good steward of your husband’s hard earned money.
  • How to overcome factors that hinder you from saving money.
  • Real priorities you must attain for the family to consider it protected and secured.
  • How to practically save money inside and outside your home.
  • How to get rid of bad debts and maintain a debt-free life.
  • How to increase savings passively while at home.
  • Privileges your family can enjoy when you have extra money without neglecting real priorities in life.
  • Ways to unlock your potentials in generating additional income for the family without leaving home.

I considered this E-book as one of my greatest achievements in life as this compiles my family’s actual challenges, and steps taken towards financial success.

This E-book will show you different proven financial tools that have been effectively helping our family increase the savings and sustain a debt-free life.

Knowing these steps will surely keep you away from the struggles we underwent, and will save your money and time from being wasted brought by lack of knowledge.

And there’s more….

  • I’ll reveal my personal mentors and other money experts who have influenced us reaching our financial success.
  • I’ll share link resources that can financially educate you while at home and without spending a single peso.
  • A worksheet is provided to help you reflect and plan towards achieving your financial goals for your family.


Is this e-book right for you?

I created this book for those who want to find quick answers as to:

  • WHAT are the factors that possibly hinder you to save money effectively.
  • HOW you can start saving money and sustain a debt-free life.
  • WHERE to find resources to financially educate yourself for FREE.
  • WHO are the trustworthy people that may guide you towards financial success.
  • WHEN can you and your husband decide to go back home for good.

If you are serious to know the RIGHT ANSWERS to these questions, then this book is for you.

How much is this e-book?

Considering the failures I encountered during my financial journey, I lost almost 50,000 Pesos and not to mention the amount of time wasted thinking I was in the right direction.

The book will surely save your time filtering the overwhelming information available both online and offline. It guarantees you to receive only the right and accurate facts that will help you achieve your family’s financial success.

You need only 299 Pesos / ($7) for a Life Changing Educational Investment.



This small amount of money is more or less equivalent to a pair of shoes, or ladies’ bag that easily loses  its worth after a few months of use.

So if you’re decided to improve the financial status of your family, you’d better



Here’s how to get a copy of my ebook…


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To your family’s financial success,



Wife of an OFW, Mother and Author
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I strongly believe that both husband and wife should be mutual in every decision they make inorder to have harmony in every aspect of their relationship especially about money matters.

So if you are a housewife, an OFW husband or vice versa, every information in this e-book must be shared with your spouse to effectively achieve the ultmate benefits of having savings for the family.