4 Awesome Effects of Photography To Our Marriage


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Photography started to capture my husband’s interest in 2013.  It started as an outlet to help him unload the stressful routine of his work as an Overseas Filipino Worker in Riyadh.

Pictures had been a “relationship saver” for me and my husband during the time we were on a 14-year long distance relationship.  They served as reminders that no matter how far we were from each other… there would always be beautiful reasons to be strong in the midst of trials.

We spent money to have pictures filled with good memories as an investment in our relationship.

Now that we are no longer physically distant, unexpectedly, photography continues to give significant impact in our marriage.


 1.  Creates a more “us” time.


Photography has become a channel for my husband, Ryan, to discover not only new places but his artistic potential as well.

Despite the amount of time he dedicates to master this area, he assures that he does not compromise the quality time with the family.  In fact, he includes me in his learning journey as his number 1 supporter …and harmless critic in order to improve his works.


2.  Helps appreciate our differences


Ryan has been encouraging me to try learning photography too.

For now, I am happy to give him my 101% support as he continues to advance his skill and reaches his ultimate dream in this field.

We may have different preferences but we take advantage of our distinctness to be more open to suggestions, to be good listeners, and to be generous in giving affirmation to each other.

With these, an excellent image usually results.


3.  Enhances our ability to create ideas



I have been part of my husband’s learning journey in photography especially when he lacks the  budget to participate in a paid photo shoot session.   Lol!

There was an instance when he took a picture of me.  I thought it was just his simple practice.  Then one night, we attended a photography event.  As I was looking at the different entries in the gallery, I found a familiar picture!

It was mine! Without my consent, he made my picture an entry.


Every time he uses me as his “model”…

we brainstorm…

we do several trials…

and we never stop until we create an image that mutually satisfies our standard.

Consequently, applying as well these skills in finding solution to every problem we encounter as a couple makes marriage easier and manageable.


4.  Serves as a channel to bless others.


Ryan and I believe that every single thing we achieve in life is a blessing from God.

Granting us to do something that we really enjoy is more than enough to be grateful to Him.

In return, we take advantage of the circumstances to use photography as an instrument to share what God has given us like joining Photo Shoot for a Cause.


Ryan, being the photographer, will always be the master in manipulating every image he does to get the best result. As for me who does not have the same skill, I prefer to remain the wind beneath his wings in reaching his utmost potential.

However, it is a different thing when it comes to our marriage. Both of us must work hard and compromise to drive always into a mutual decision thus making this relationship last.

We know it will not be easy to face the challenges along the way. But as long as we choose to journey together, our differences will never be an issue.  Rather, we will continue to use them to become more appreciative, patient and supportive to each other

Happy 19th Anniversary Ling.  I Love You.


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